7 Benefits Of Ceramic Coating For Your Car

7 Benefits Of Ceramic Coating For Your Car

Whether you just drove your new car out of the lot, or you are driving your old and prized possession, you surely want your vehicle to keep its brand-new look. However, over time, your car will get exposed to the elements like the hot sun, rain, winter and bugs, dust, and other debris. Even with regular car washing and wax, your vehicle’s exterior paint will start getting dull and may even lose the original shine.

This is where ceramic coating can help! Ceramic coating (or Nano-Ceramic Coating) is a chemical polymer solution. It is a liquid polymer applied by hand and bonds with your car’s paint, creating an additional hydrophobic (water-resistant) layer of protection. It is a better alternative to waxing.

For car owners in Mequon, WI, you can trust the expertise of Creative Detailing. Our detailing experts use the unique formula of System X Ceramic Protection for your vehicle’s exterior care.

These 7 benefits of ceramic coating will surely convince you to treat your car to more than just the regular car wash:

1. Paint Protection:

A significant benefit is that ceramic coating provides an extra layer of protection to your paint. When your vehicle gets exposed to the sun, the paint oxidizes. The result – faded and dull paint. Ceramic coating will protect your vehicle’s paint from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, preventing oxidation.

2. Longer lasting exterior paint:

The ceramic coating creates a chemically resistant surface, protecting your paint from acidic contamination. This is a vital benefit since air pollution is a common problem today. Your paint will last longer when protected from chemical stains.

3. Ease of Cleaning:

The hydrophobic nature of ceramic coating helps to repel all water-based dirt and grime. It makes the dirt and grime bead on the surface and slide off! A quick carwash will bring back your spotless car.

4. Cost-Effective:

Ceramic coating can be a permanent solution. It is an investment in the beginning, but so much saving in the long run! How so? Less frequency of car washing, waxing, or other exterior detailing to repair paint damage caused by the elements.

5. No More Waxing Needed:

No more time wasted in waxing and buffing your car! Ceramic coating does more than wax can do for your car hence, replacing the need for wax altogether. A bonus – Ceramic Coating lasts much longer.

6. Looks New for Longer:

Your brand-new car is a sight to behold. The paint is glistening under the sun; you want it to look that way forever! Ceramic coating maintains your car’s paint like you just drove it out of the showroom. Keep that showroom shine by maintaining the ceramic coating.

7. Glossy Look:

Ceramic coating will make your paint pop with gloss. It will bring out the depth of your clear coat and look gorgeous! Take advantage of these benefits and add value to your car. Let Creative Detailing provide professional services for ceramic coating your vehicle today. Contact us for a free estimate!