How it all began...

I came to Wisconsin in mid 2015, and almost right away I started detailing neighbors cars, very soon I realized most of my neighbors were impressed by the type of work I started doing as most of them used to take their cars to "car washes" to have them cleaned and had experienced nothing but subpar results, then after getting online and doing some research I came to realize this was a common problem, online comments ranging from "my car was only 70% cleaned" to "my friend had her house key removed from her keychain!" (and endless more!) I then decided I had to do something about it!

Creative Detailing was then established in late 2016, with a very specific goal... to provide premium car care services and different options based on each customer's preference and desired outcome, as well as make your detailing experience as convenient and satisfying as possible.

Our mission is to deliver results and solutions that'll end up providing a better driving experience as well as preserving the cosmetic appereance on your precious car and therefore reducing it's depreciation. We know that by having your car detailed and well taken care of will significantly maintain it's value when time to sell it comes, not to mention the added benefit of being able to drive a car that looks and feels amazing.

Why choose Creative Detailing?

  • We only use high quality products and equipment.
  • Vehicle pick up and delivery service available for your convenience. (No more time wasted dropping and picking up your car!)
  • Each package is targeted to each person's desired outcome, vehicle needs and budget.
  • Highest quality workmanship at the best price in town.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back. (No questions asked!)

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