Is Ceramic Coating A Good Option For Your Car?

Is Ceramic Coating A Good Option For Your Car?

Ceramic Coating (or Nano-Ceramic Coating) is a liquid polymer that bonds to a vehicle’s paint at a molecular level. The coating adds an additional layer on top of your car’s clear coat for extra paint protection and makes the paint pop!

Ceramic coating has many benefits. As a car owner in Milwaukee, WI, it is vital to do your research about a product before deciding whether it is right or not for your vehicle. Suppose you are still a student or recent grad with a used car. In that case, a ceramic coating may not be a vital requirement. However, if you have bought a new car or are leasing with the intent to purchase, it is definitely worth considering.

Below are just a few important benefits of ceramic coating your car:

Protection from UV damage:

Sun exposure causes oxidation of your vehicle’s paint, causing it to fade over time. Ceramic coating adds a protective layer to reduce this oxidation, keeping the paint brighter for longer!

Protection from Etching and Chemical Stains:

Natural acidic contaminants are also at risk of bonding with the paint of your car, causing chemical staining and etching, which are very difficult and costly to remove. Ceramic coating can make your vehicle’s paint somewhat resistant to this staining, provided the contaminant is removed promptly.

Easy to clean:

Ceramic coating has a hydrophobic property which means it is a water repellant. This means that water or mud will easily slide off and enable easier cleaning.

It is also essential to understand what ceramic coating will NOT do for your car paint:

Complete protection from all types of scratches and swirl marks:

The usual scratches, swirl marks, and rock chips that can damage your paint will not be prevented by ceramic coating. Even though ceramic coating bonds with your paint, it still possesses the characteristics of the paint and is susceptible to such damage.

Elimination of the risk of water-spotting:

Water-spotting is caused when water evaporates on your vehicle’s surface, and the minerals that are left behind create visible spots. While it is true that water will be repelled by the hydrophobic surface due to the ceramic coating, other water droplets can still bead and remain on the vehicle. Thus, there is still a chance of water-spotting.

No need to wash your car:

Ceramic coating does not give your car a self-cleaning ability. Your vehicle will still get exposed to dirt and mud. It is highly recommended that you wash your car regularly. Ceramic coating makes it so much easier to wash your car.

All in all, after reading this blog post, we hope you have concluded that ceramic coating has important benefits for your car and is undoubtedly a good investment.

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