The Hand Wash

The Hand Wash

Typically, you will see most professional detailers offer a hand-wash as an entry point. If you are skeptical about the actual benefits of a more robust package, this is a great way to see the difference between a professional detailer hand wash and a typical car wash.

Even the most basic option from a professional detailer is a night and day difference from what you are used to. For starters, only the best products are used and a sponge will ensure that you don’t get unwanted swirl marks from the brushes at a car wash. The other great thing is that this is an opportunity to meet your new detailer and while there, you can ask for their professional opinion on what else they would recommend for a more in-depth detail.

Here is a list of things to expect from a hand wash performed by a professional detailer:

  • Fresh water removes layers of harmful dirt, salt and chemicals
  • Underbody flush rids your undercarriage of rust causing elements
  • Light clay bar treatment to remove additional road contaminants
  • A hand wash will make sure your car is cleaned without harmful brushes
  • Rims meticulously detailed using degreaser to remove layers of brake dust and debris
  • Highest quality products and equipment
  • Hand dried with a combination of compressed air and microfiber towels
  • Wait while they wash and expect about a 30 minute wait time

The hand wash is a great way to explore the difference between a professional detail and a standard car wash. This entry level product will also remove layers of contaminants that will go unremoved with a standard wash. Even if you never purchase a more in-depth detailing package, the best thing that you can do for your car is have it hand washed.